For Childcare Providers

Millie’s Mark is an exceptional achievement for a childcare setting, as it shows they are going above and beyond minimum requirements in keeping children safe.

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For Parents

Millie’s Mark provides reassurance to parents that all childcare practitioners at their child's nursery are paediatric first aid trained and competent.

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Our Latest News

10 June 2022

Choking Hazards

Choking happens very quickly and it can happen to anyone. Every year hundreds of children require hospital treatment from choking in the UK and unfortunately on average one dies every month.  ...

7 June 2022

Awarded Settings May 2022.

19 Early Years Settings were awarded the prestigious Millie's Mark award in May, the most so far this year. You can find the nearest Millie’s Mark accredited Setting by clicking here. You can join us...

3 May 2022


Following panel held on April 26th, Congratulations to the following settings who have been awarded or re-warded Millie's Mark. We have given out over 800 awards with the next 3 panels already full....
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